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Updated: December 30, 2003, 9:34 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Los Angeles Lakers: Gary Payton is returning to Seattle for the first time in his career as the opponent, and he has a special message for his old bosses."It's not a big week for me," he says in the Seattle Times. "I want to see the fans. It will be big for me with the fans. But the rest of them, they can kiss my ass." As Payton sees it, his old bosses wouldn't give him the contract extension he wanted because they felt he wasn't good enough anymore, but they wouldn't hesitate a second to use his name to sell tickets. "My agent (Aaron Goodwin) saw their advertisements. I didn't want to see it. I knew they'd do some stuff like that, and that's crazy," Payton said. "They're going to use me to sell tickets, but that's just what that organization's about. That's what those people are about. I wouldn't put nothing past them. They don't surprise me with nothing they do. I'm not worried about them. I'm just worried about the fans. If they want to come out and see me, that's great. If they give me an ovation, that's going to be really good for me. I'm really just dedicated to them."

Orlando Magic: Maybe March, maybe April, but February is definitely out for the latest Grant Hill return. "I'll say this: I still want to play this season," said Hill in the Orlando Sentinel. "At what time, I just don't know. I can do everything except dunk right now. I can run and I can move laterally. I feel good." And with all the trouble the franchise has had this season, even general manager John Gabriel isn't putting up a fuss about it depending "how Grant feels. That's always been the issue."

Indiana Pacers: Artest has been a bad, bad boy. But at least it sounds like he's taking his punishment like a man. "The one thing that was made clear in that meeting is that you have to put the team first," Artest said to the Indianapolis Star a few days after opnely arguing with coach rick Carlisle and being benched in the process. "Any issues that you have during or after a game need to be handled later, after you've calmed down and gotten your composure. A lot of what happened was my mistake. Definitely. But now everybody now is on the same page and it's time to move on." His coach agreed. "I thought it was productive and upbeat, honest and forthright. We're looking to get by it and move on," Carlisle said. "I view this as an isolated incident that's over with. In my mind, it's in the past and we have to move on."