Rose could open up in new book

Is Pete Rose finally going to come clean in a desperate attempt to get back into baseball's good graces?

Updated: December 31, 2003, 9:42 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
  • Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star discusses the difficulties of making predictions. He bravely points out some of his that did not come true. You have to like what he wrote about Roy Halladay back in March, however.

  • Moises Alou gives the late Ivan Calderon a lot of credit for helping him adjust to major league life. The two were teammates in Montreal briefly in 1992. He also discusses his future and even jokes about the Steve Bartman incident. Mike Kiley of the Chicago Sun-Times has the story.

  • Don't miss the year-end review of strange and ironic baseball doings by's own Jayson Stark. This is the kind of neat stuff that other sports simply cannot hope to produce and Jayson has become the best collector and disseminator of it.
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