Fully loaded

Seimone Augustus just wanted to fit in, but her game won't let her take a backseat.

Originally Published: January 5, 2004
By Jerry Bembry | ESPN The Magazine
It's Friday night, and the transformation of Seimone Augustus is complete. She steps out of her campus dorm, diva-style, in a pair of hip-hugging jeans and a fitted shirt -- a wardrobe away from the blue headband, blue T-shirt and blue baggy-down-to-her-ankle shorts she sported just hours ago. Out in the parking lot, she slides into her dark blue 1995 Chevy Impala, a police car she bought at auction and modified with 20-inch Ice Metal chrome wheels, TV monitors in the headrests and a high-powered Pioneer stereo/DVD system in the dash.

And then she's gone, just like that, the booming combination of dual exhausts and Jay-Z rattling car windows as she roars away. Yes, a vehicle once used to uphold the law is guilty of disturbing the peace.