Yanks feature one-sided staff

The Yankees find themselves without a left-handed starter now that David Wells has bolted for the NL.

Updated: January 5, 2004, 8:04 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
  • Lefty Gomez ...Whitey Ford ...Ron Guidry ...Andy Pettitte ...and now? The Yankees find themselves without a left-handed starting pitcher now that Pettitte and David Wells have bolted for the National League. Tyler Kepner of the New York Times points out that they have gotten at least 25 starts from a lefty every season since 1992. He also writes that no league champion since the '97 Marlins has turned over as much of their starting pitching as have these Yankees. Of course, it's not like they've been replaced hobos rounded up in a rail yard what with Kevin Brown and Javier Vazquez coming to town ...

  • Joel Sherman of the New York Post pulls the old switcheroo, posting a headline that should contain a question mark but doesn't as a way to grab attention. It worked. "Vlad to the Mets" certainly got my notice. It's not what has actually happened, but what should happen according to Sherman -- if the Mets come to their senses, that is.

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