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Updated: January 6, 2004, 9:40 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Orlando Magic: The reason it feels like the Magic haven't won since last Christmas is because, well, they haven't. "We definitely thought the team was going to start taking strides forward," Tracy McGrady said in the Daytona Beach News Journal. "But obviously we took a couple steps forward and now we're taking a huge step backward. It's bad." Head coach Johnny Davis has tried to motivate his team by changing the rotation and switching to a zone defense, but they just can't seem to stop opponents from scoring at will. "It's hard to stay focused, especially when you come out and you're ready to play and you're giving up 40 points in the first quarter," McGrady said.

Seattle SuperSonics: If Sonic players want to get in the game, they're going to have to do it the old fashioned way. They're going to have to earn it. "The way you do that is probably go with a rotation that would have been at the beginning, and if guys play (well) then you work them into the rotations," head coach Nate McMillan said in the Tacoma News Tribune. "Then you have things laid out, and you don't have players who are (angry) about why is this guy playing or this guy. It is right there in black and white. I think everybody during this season ... has looked at (Vladimir) Radmanovic and said, 'What the hell is he doing on the floor?' So I have to make sure they understand, and understand what you are doing to them."

New York Knicks: Yesterday's big trade came as no surprise to Antonio McDyess. "It was like they were making everything out to be my fault," McDyess told the New York Daily News. "Dolan used to always talk to me, telling me he was excited to watch me play. But once Isiah came he wouldn't even look me in the eye. Isiah never said a word to me. He slapped my hand but that was it. I said, 'Something ain't right.' If I was part of the plan he would probably talk to me, but it was obvious that I wasn't in their plans. Isiah, I think, wanted to get rid of all of Scott Layden's players." McDyess went so far as to say that Thomas instructed head coach Don Chaney to remove him from the starting lineup prior tot he trade. "It leaves a sour taste in my mouth," McDyess said. "Anybody can get traded but that doesn't mean you have to change your personality toward me. It was like it was my fault. I was always good to them. I worked hard to come back. But then Isiah came and everyone started acting funny. It made it miserable to go to work."