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Updated: January 7, 2004, 8:50 AM ET
By Jim Baker

American League

Kansas City Royals: Juan Gonzalez comes to any town with a lot of "ifs" packed in his duffel bag, but Royals general manager Allard Baird is thrilled to get the former MVP. Indeed, if Gonzalez can stay healthy and if Mike Sweeney is healthy, they -- in combination with Carlos Beltran -- would form the most formidable trio in the division. If all the ifs fall into place, the Royals may have something going for themselves. Speaking of Gonzalez, Baird told David Boyce of the Kansas City Star: "He fills a slot with dependable RBI production," Baird said. "What he can do is help the guy hitting ahead of him. In most cases that will be Mike Sweeney and, ahead of him, Carlos Beltran. We feel like we've improved our offense, and that's a positive thing as we go into 2004."

Anaheim Angels: The revelation that a pitcher tested positive for steroids was something of a novelty. It has always been assumed that it was only offensive players who juiced up in order to smack the ball longer and harder. The test results (which showed andro in his system -- a substance not considered a steroid by Major League Baseball but banned by the bodies that govern international baseball) are not going to effect the roster presence of Derrick Turnbow according to a report in the Los Angeles Times by Bill Shaikin. Angels manager Mike Scioscia believes that steroids could help a pitcher heave it harder, but doesn't think that is the source of Turnbow's 98 mph velocity.

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