Baltimore may strike daily double

If the Orioles could land both Vladimir Guerrero and Rafael Palmeiro, it would make them more fun to watch.

Updated: January 8, 2004, 9:45 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
Were I a pitcher, I would not relish facing a batting order subsection that featured Miguel Tejada, Vladimir Guerrero, Javy Lopez and Rafael Palmeiro. That's a lot of talent poured into a very small space right there. Could this quartet become reality? According to a report by Dave Sheinin in the Washington Post, the Orioles are moving ever closer to signing Palmeiro, the aging vet who does not hit like an aging vet.

Rafael Palmeiro
Rafael Palmeiro will add power to any lineup he joins.
What makes things interesting is that Palmeiro is represented by the same agent team that handles things for Guerrero -- the other apple of their eye. Fernando Cuza and Diego Benz have had a Baltimore offer for Vlad on their desks for some time now. It is the oft-mentioned, five-year, $65 million offer. Cuza & Benz were hoping for more years and more money, but nobody else appears to be rushing into the fray with anything better. Giving a contract to another one of their charges (Palmeiro) couldn't hurt the negotiations between the agenting duo and the GMing duo of Jim Beattie and Mike Flanagan in regard to Vlad.

Yesterday we discussed a possible Mets gesture toward Guerrero, playing on the angle that there is a large Dominican population in New York. I suggested that Guerrero might find sanctuary in Washington Heights. Sheinin writes that sources closest to Guerrero suggest his number one choice would be Miami, but the Marlins have made no formal offer. The notion of a World Champion team landing a player of Guerrero's abilities is a fairly staggering one. In Baltimore and New York, he would be a gate attraction. In Miami, he would have a significant impact on the race for the Eastern Division title.

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