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Updated: January 9, 2004, 1:41 PM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Carmelo Anthony
Denver Nuggets: It looks like Carmelo Anthony and head coach Jeff Bzdelik have kissed and made up before we even knew why they were kissing and making up. "Everything's cool," Anthony said in the Rocky Mountain News. "He's going to be a coach. I'm going to be a player. Everything is fine." And that goes ditto for the coach. "There is no big deal whatsoever. I treat all my players fairly and consistently. We're all in this thing together. I wouldn't be doing my job if I did not tell them the truth and try and bring out the very best in them. Carmelo is very, very coachable. He's a very intelligent player. I want him to get better, and I want us to get better." Rumor had spread that Anthony had taken some recent criticism personally after the team's last loss to the Spurs but both parties continue to deny any rift.

New Jersey Nets: The Nets knew they were getting Edie Griffin. They just didn't know who Eddie Griffin was. "When I first came out, I didn't know who he was," head coach Byron Scott said in the New York Times. "I got a little closer and said, 'That's Eddie.' He just looked so young. I forgot he's only 21 years old . . . We need to make sure this kid is taken care of on and off the court. The guys were tremendously helpful talking to him and letting him know where to be. He's going to feel a connection because this team is behind him and we're going to take him under our wing. Basketball is the least of our worries with Eddie."

Dan Gradzuric
Milwaukee Bucks: Back-up center Dan Gadzuric has strained his right knee, but it looks like he's going to survive. "There was no pop, nothing that was really painful," Gadzuric said in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It was like a little, quick reaction. I'm happy it's not anything really severe. I've just got to come back as soon as possible and be smart with it." But the sooner he's back on the floor, the better for coach Terry Porter. "He's been unbelievable off the bench for us," Porter said, "with his energy, his ability to control the paint, block shots and rebound. He made two great plays last night on the fast break, and his decision-making has become really good."