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Updated: January 13, 2004, 9:18 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Kerry Kittles
New Jersey Nets: You know about Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson. But . . . "We go to the next level when Kerry plays well," Kidd said in the New York Times. "It is like a sixth gear . . . We try to tell him to forget that last pass. I'd like his shot attempts go up even more." But Kittles doesn't mind being the fourth option at all despite his recent 54 percent shooting from the field. "That's O.K. with me," Kittles said. "I don't need the stories or the commercials. People who know the game know I can influence the game. I don't ask to be in the spotlight."

Orlando Magic: If Magic fans want to blame someone, then David Stern is pointing his finger at Grant Hill, himself. "You need the doctor's opinion," the NBA commissioner told the Orlando Sentinel when asked why Orlando wasn't given a medical exception for Hill to sign another player. "We had the doctor's and the patient, both suggesting he was going to play again. So to get an injury exception in the face of the patient suggesting that he was ready to play, and a doctor saying he saw no reason why that couldn't take place, that argues strongly against the exception."

Minnesota Timberwolves: Sam Cassell has a pen and paper and is ready to continue his studies. "I'm a student of the game," he said to the Star Tribune. "Go back to before they had the three-point line, guys developed the mid-range game. I'm talking about Oscar Robertson, Sam Jones, Rudy Tomjanovich, the Pearl, Walt Frazier. All of those guys did a whole lot of things off the dribble." Timberwolves analyst and former player Mychael Thompson agrees. "Everyone has fallen in love with the three-point arc," said Thompson. "It's the three-pointer or the dunk. Go to any school. All the kids want to do is run behind the three-point line and shoot. As soon as they can dunk, all they care about is showing me all kind of dunks. They forget about the 15-footer, but that's what wins you games. And, right now, Cassell is the best at it. There are some good ones. But Sam's the best."