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Updated: January 16, 2004, 10:10 AM ET
By By Darrell Trimble | ESPN Insider
Miami Dolphins: The club is approximately $17 million over the 2004 salary-cap and that has to be slashed by the beginning of March. So Dolphins officials spent the past three days closely inspecting the talent on the team and formulating a plan for the offseason. According to the Miami Herald, from those meetings came the decisions to extend CB Patrick Surtain's contract, guaranteeing a portion of LB Zach Thomas' contract and cutting the salaries of backup QB Brian Griese, S Brock Marion, WR James McKnight and C Tim Ruddy, among others. If the players meant for salary cuts refuse to accept less money they could be released. The new senior VP of football operations Dan Marino, wasn't involved in this week's meetings because he was away working his broadcasting jobs.

Detroit Lions: Dick Jauron is no longer the head coach for the Chicago Bears, but his new work address might still be in the NFC North. Jauron is visiting with his good friend, coach Steve Mariucci, Thursday at the team's headquarters and practice facility. Mariucci was mum on the subject and the Lions brass weren't much more forthcoming. "We can confirm that he's here -- that's all," VP Bill Keenest told the Detroit News. "He's visiting with Steve." Jauron's arrival stokes speculation that defensive coordinator Kurt Schottenheimer is on his way out. Mariucci recently said he has talked with Schottenheimer about his status but has not confirmed whether he will make a change.

Washington Redskins: With all the commotion about Joe Gibbs returning to Washington, some fans may have forgotten that their team's offensive leader is trying to rehab from offseason surgery. QB Patrick Ramsey spent about three hours Thursday at Redskins Park undergoing rehabilitation from surgery on his right foot. The purpose of the surgery was to relieve a bone bruise, but when X-rays were taken by the club an extra bone on the outside of Ramsey's foot was revelaed. Former trainer Dean Kleinschmidt didn't rule out a birth defect. The second-year quarterback plans to start jogging in early March. "It will be a slow process but I'm more encouraged than discouraged right now," Ramsey, who is wearing a soft cast, told the Washington Post. "It feels a lot better now than it did before the surgery."