Can Miles get the Blazers hopping?

Darius Miles has been a major disappointment the last two season. Can he find his groove in Portland?

Updated: January 22, 2004, 10:13 AM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
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Darius Miles, where are you?

Last time Miles and I spoke it was early June. Miles was in Chicago, at Hoops Gym, working out with Michael Jordan's personal trainer, Tim Grover. Miles was coming off a horrible season in Cleveland and looked determined to turn into the star many NBA scouts and GMs thought he could be when he went No. 3 in the 2000 NBA Draft.

He was lifting weights, strengthening that surgically repaired knee and working on that tepid jump shot. Day after day, Miles was there. Working, grunting, pushing himself. The NBA season was four months away. The fact that Miles was anywhere near a gym had Grover believing Miles was ready to do something special this season.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer