Phillies rightfielder not a fan favorite

Lack of hustle overshadows strengths by creating the perception that a player could be achieving more.

Updated: January 22, 2004, 8:28 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
My high praise of Phillies rightfielder Bobby Abreu brought these responses:

    Jim: Unless you are a Phillies fan and watch/listen to every game, you can't really get a good read on Abreu's production by reading the stat sheet alone. Yes, he puts up good numbers, be he doesn't come close to getting the most out of his ability. He is a half-asser all the way, with questionable work ethic and has a knack for being tardy. He lollygags in the OF, and doesn't run out a lot of ground balls. Larry Bowa has begged him to be a leadoff man several times, and each time he refuses, because he'd rather bat in the middle of the lineup so he can get more RBI opps. Way to put yourself ahead of the team, Bobby! He's not really what you'd call a clutch player either. Next to Pat Burrell, he was the biggest under-achiever on the team last year. At least you had the feeling that Burrell was trying hard (taking extra BP, ect.). I agree totally with Paul Hagen. Abreu is a good player who doesn't give it his all. Thank God for Jim Thome!

    Jeff Fink
    Columbia, Maryland

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