Who's next on the chopping block?

Updated: January 28, 2004, 9:26 AM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
Another coach bites the dust.

Is it time for David Stern to step in an slap down a temporary restraining order between coaches and general managers -- at least in the Eastern Conference? In the span of less than a year GMs have systematically wiped out a staggering 17 coaches, including 14 in the Eastern Conference. Someone has to stop the madness.

In the past 48 hours we've seen Byron Scott, coming off two straight Finals appearances, fired and Jim O'Brien, with the second-best record in his division and a two-year run of successful playoff appearances, resign.

It's more than a trend folks. It's an epidemic. It's a bad game show where the answer to every question is the same -- "dump the coach."

Team on a five-game losing streak? Dump the coach.

Star player unhappy with how the coach is coaching? Dump the coach.

Coach doesn't want to play the rookies? Dump the coach.

Players don't get along? Dump the coach.

Trade doesn't pan out the way a GM planned? Dump the coach.

Coach is more interested in winning than rebuilding? Dump the coach.

What is going on? Has it ever been this bad?

Insider talked to two NBA coaches who still had their jobs as of late Tuesday night. They, understandably, wanted to keep their jobs and talked off the record about what was going on the league.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer