Will Kidd be the next Net to go?

Firing Byron Scott won't cure what ails the Nets. If Rod Thorn really wants change in New Jersey then it's time to trade Jason Kidd to the Spurs.

Updated: January 29, 2004, 11:03 AM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
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Why the obsession over Jason Kidd's role in firing Byron Scott?

Rod Thorn denies it. Kidd is adamant he had nothing to do with it. Scott feels like he and Kidd are friends. But just about everyone in the media believes all three men are lying through their teeth on the subject.

Will we ever get to the bottom of the mystery? More importantly, do we really need to?

Say what you will about Scott's two consecutive Finals appearances, but this season's Nets, to put it delicately, stink.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer