Expos not coming soon

Years of hard work have produced nothing but frustration and no relocated team for Washington D.C.

Updated: January 29, 2004, 8:42 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
  • Kansas City is the capital of sports architects. So, for some speculative fun, the Kansas City Star challenged these creators of all the stadiums you know and love (US Cellular Field notwithstanding) to come up with a design for a new downtown ballpark as an alternative to renovating Kaufmann Stadium. The firm of Ellerbe Beckett answered first and Kevin Collison has the story on what they came up with.

  • Baseball in Washington, D.C.? It's time to give up the dream opines Dick Heller of the Washington Times. Years of hard work have produced nothing but frustration and no relocated Montreal Expos for either the group representing northern Virginia or the one pushing for the nation's capital proper.

  • There are "hard" records (Owen Wilson's 36 triples in 1912, Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak in 1941) and then there are soft records. Bobby Thigpen's 57 saves in 1990 is looking like one of the latter. Not one but two men came very close to tying him last year when John Smoltz and Eric Gagne both logged 55. Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune spent some time with Thigpen recently and found him recovering from a nasty fall and still very much enjoying his record.
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