Ainge goes West Coast with the Celtics

Danny Ainge's new vision for the Celtics scared Jim O'Brien away. NBA Insider Chad Ford examines whether a little West Coast flavor will eventually turn the Celtics back into a contender

Updated: February 2, 2004, 10:36 AM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
Danny Ainge has a plan. He's confident it will have the Celtics competing for a championship in three years.

Jim O'Brien no longer has a job. He's confident Ainge's plan will have the Celtics in the cellar for the next three years and wanted to get out before the scent of losing tainted an otherwise impressive résumé.

Both Ainge and O'Brien insisted after the coach's Tuesday resignation that no one was in the wrong here.

Ainge's theory? The Celtics need an infusion of young, athletes who can get the ball up and down the floor faster. Players like Ricky Davis and rookie Marcus Banks embody what Ainge is looking for in a player. They're explosive, can score on anyone and get out and run on every occasion.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer