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Updated: February 4, 2004, 10:30 AM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
Phoenix Suns: It seems that everyone believes the doctor when he says that Amare Stoudemire's ankle and toe are OK to play except, well, Amare Stoudemire. "I've never questioned his heart," Suns chairman Jerry Colangelo said in the Arizona Central. "Personally, I think he has the heart of a warrior. That's not in question. I think once the player is cleared with any injury, ultimately it's still up to the player to feel comfortable. Coming back from an injury is as much emotional as it is physical." Of course, what, exactly, do the Suns have to gain by having him come back now anyways? "Obviously, if we're in the stretch drive or the playoffs, players cast that kind of thing to the wind," Colangelo said. "But he's a young player who has already established himself with a tremendous rookie year. There's no reason to put him in jeopardy."

Washington Wizards: Don't worry. Gilbert Arenas says be happy. "I'm just going to wait until after All-Star, get 100 percent and come back and play," said Arenas in the Washington Times. "No one is going to be happy if I come back too soon, so I'm just going to make everyone happy and come back after All-Star." The point guard has missed 26 games so far this season with a strained abdomen and Wizard fans are hoping they get to see him paired up with Stackhouse, who recently returned from injury, in the backcourt before too long.

Detroit Pistons: Not naming Richard Hamilton to the all-star squad, he believes, was bad. "It's kind of disappointing," he said in the Detroit News. "I didn't want to get my hopes up too high because the last couple of years I thought I should've made it and I was devastated. I was like, 'Man, what do I gotta do? But this year, after playing in the playoffs, that was such a great thing, and having a chance to play for a championship, that's more gratifying. But, once they put that team out there and you see some of those names, it always get frustrating." But not naming him AND Chauncey Billups is even worse. "If you don't take one, take the other," Hamilton said. "We can't be considered one of the best backcourts in the league and not have at least one of us go. If he would've made it, I would have been happy. To not take either of us, it's tough."

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer