Clarett has all the necessary skills

Updated: February 6, 2004, 11:21 AM ET
By By Scouts, Inc. | For ESPN Insider

Maurice Clarett, who played just one season for Ohio State, sued the NFL in an effort to overturn the NFL's rule that a player must be out of high school three years before entering the draft, and the court ruled in his favor. The league is expected to appeal, but there's a good possibility Clarett will be in the draft pool come April.

If he is, just what will the team that drafts him be getting?

Clarett is an outstanding talent who should make an early impact despite his age and lack of playing experience at the college level. He is an outstanding between-the-tackles runner, has enough explosives to bounce his runs outside, is a quality receiver out of the backfield, and is a surprisingly solid pass blocker who will be an every-down-type of back in the NFL.