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Updated: February 12, 2004, 9:50 AM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
New York Knicks: I want what the Knicks' owner is drinking. "I'm looking forward to making a few longer trips in May and even into June," James Dolan said in the New York Post after watching his team lose to the Hornets in New Orleans. "I'd like to see us go all the way. I think this team could. I don't think anybody would say that's not possible. They're only getting better. [Coach Lenny Wilkens] has only been here [14] games. There's no reason to think they're not going to continue to improve." Then he really started getting antsy. "It's hard for me to even say we won't make the playoffs," Dolan said. "There's very little chance we won't make the playoffs. I'm definitely looking forward to the feeling of going to a playoff game," Dolan added. "When I went to the last Knick playoff games, when it got close, I could barely sit in my seat."

Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers and Phil Jackson have suspended talks on a contract extension, and now the head coach is referring to his current franchise as "they." "I have no hard feelings at all," Jackson said in the Los Angeles Times. "I actually think it's the right move for them to make with all the free agents they have this summer." Both sides, though, made it clear that talks would resume in earnest after a tumultuous season. "I think that a new contract, an extension, is somewhere between possibility and probability," agent Todd Musburger said. But Jackson wasn't taking anything for granted. "I love to do that," Jackson said. "That's one of my favorite things. That's reality. I've done it two or three times in my career. It's OK. It's what the game's about."

Detroit Pistons: Different starting lineup but same result as Detroit fell to its fifth straight loss against the Kings Wednesday night. "The reason (for the change) was to get more energy to start the game," Tayshaun Prince said in the Detroit News as he and Elden Campbell were replaced by Darvin Ham an Zeljko Rebraca. "It was sort of unfair to Darvin, though, to be put in a situation like that. He had been playing up-and-down minutes and then to all of a sudden have to start against Peja, that's unfair big-time. But the message Coach was trying to send was that we can't keep starting the games down. I don't think he was saying that me and Elden were the ones not doing it. I think he was trying to show all of us, we have to go harder."

Chad Ford

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