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Updated: February 13, 2004, 10:26 AM ET
NBA Insider
Los Angeles Lakers: If the Lakers lose Phil Jackson, they're losing more than a coach if you ask this guy. "The NBA is like a feudal system, all these lords and their fiefdoms," said agent Leonard Armato in the Los Angeles Times. "Getting everyone to work together for the common good is like a crusade. Phil is the best of the best at these crusades." And one of Jackson's former players agrees. "I think it is so funny when people say that Jackson wins because of luck, that he wins only because he has all the great players," Steve Kerr said. "That's so wrong. This team had the pieces before he got there, and never did anything."

Detroit Pistons: Chauncey Billups doesn't feel like much of an all-star these days and he's glad, at least, about that. "I am happy to have this break," Billups said in the Detroit News. "We can sit back, rest our bodies, look at ourselves and say, 'Hey, we aren't playing the way we should be playing.' "We've seen how good we can be and we've seen how bad we can be. Now we need to sit back, look in the mirror and say, 'I need to do this differently, I need to do this better or that better.' We need to come back ready to gear up and go. This losing, it ain't fun, man. We know we are better than this." His coach agreed. "He's got to play better. Maybe he'll make the bonus ball and that'll get him going," said Larry Brown. "He's got to play better and he's got to run the team better and he's capable of doing all those things. We need him. We need somebody to step up and be a leader."

Seattle SuperSonics: Vladimir Radmanovic wants the dang ball. Or he wants to play for a team that gives him the dang ball. "I just want to make sure everyone gets the best chance possible for what they want, both the Sonics and for me," Radmanovic said to the Seattle Post Intelligencer as his minutes have been gradually cut. "If the best thing for both is for me to be traded, I want whatever will help. If they think I can help here, I want to help every game and not every 10th game . . . Nobody gave me an explanation of why I was going to the bench. The only explanation was that, 'We want to play big basketball.' I don't know if this specific staff likes me or if I'm just a guy they're trying to make fit. It was the worst thing that could have happened at that time."