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Updated: February 25, 2004, 9:17 AM ET
By Jim Baker

American League

Baltimore Orioles: Miguel Tejada arrived at the Orioles camp and made a pronouncement: "This is not a losing team anymore." The Orioles last saw the good side of .500 in 1997 but spent a busy winter securing the services of free agents Tejada, Javy Lopez and Rafael Palmeiro. Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post reports that Tejada's first day in camp was a whirlwind of activity in which he made his presence known in every corner preaching the "we are winners now" gospel. Sheinin opines that not since Brooks Robinson has an Orioles player been so keen to represent the persona of the team.

Kansas City Royals: There will be no hometown discount for the Royals when it comes to securing the services of centerfielder Carlos Beltran. He told Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star that he is very much open to remaining in Kansas City but that the price has to be right. While saying he would like to spend his whole career in Royals blue the way George Brett did, he is also keeping an eye on the bottom line. "&I also understand that this game is a business, and I've got to look at what's best for me. I know they're going to look at what's best for them," he told Dutton, referring to the Royals. Surely in the back of his mind he knows that the most extravagant man in baseball currently employs two centerfielders who are on the wrong side of 35 and that it might be prudent to take a wait and see attitude.

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