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Guerrero Guerrero

Anaheim Angels: In the words of Chone Figgins,
"There's a lot of heavy hitters around here." The 2002
World Champions were popping the ball but good in
Tempe, Arizona yesterday as they prepare to enter a
season in which they have added enough lumber to make
them the favorites of many linemakers to win the
American League West. Newest Angels Vladimir Guerrero
and Jose Guillen were especially knockworthy
yesterday, reports Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times.
Guerrero reported no hassles with his lower back -- a
problem that caused him to miss a third of last season
with the Expos.

Boston Red Sox: While most camps are abuzz with talk
of players showing up having lost weight, Johnny
Damon made his first spring appearance yesterday at a
robust 220 pounds, fifteen above his playing weight of
2003. Steven Krasner of the Providence Journal reports
that Damon attributes the weight gain to "beer" which
is one of three things: disturbingly true, a complete
joke or a synonym for something less legal. He is also
sporting something new that would never fly in the
more restrictive environment of the arch-rival
Yankees: a full beard and shoulder-length hair.