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Updated: March 1, 2004, 2:07 PM ET
By Jim Baker

American League

Boston Red Sox: Example No. 364,024 that Spring Training doesn't matter: Ramiro Mendoza. Last year, his first with the Red Sox, he made nine appearances and posted a 4.05 ERA. Then, once the bell rang, he gave up nearly two baserunners per inning and saw his ERA jump to 6.63. What should the Red Sox expect from him this year? Not a whole lot, writes Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald. Would the Sox go so far as to release him and write off his $3.6 million salary? Massarotti thinks so.

Chicago White Sox: You can look at a year off two ways: either it gives your arm a chance to rest and you'll come back strong or it makes you rusty and you'll never quite regain what you once had. Veteran reliever Mike Jackson is hoping the former is the case as he fights for a job with the White Sox this spring after spending 2003 coaching an undefeated Little League team. After getting cut by the Diamondbacks late in Spring Training last year, he opted to go home. "I had no business in Triple-A," he told Bob Foltman of the Chicago Tribune. Jackson is currently tenth on the all-time list of games pitched. If he lands with the White Sox and is given typical use, he could jump past Lindy McDaniel and Goose Gossage to eighth in 2004.

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