Mets, Tigers poised for improvement

Does Billy Beane still have the juice to overcome the deep pockets of new Angels owner Arturo Moreno?

Updated: March 9, 2004, 11:48 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
After Billy Crystal closed out his nominated pictures medley with a great slam of Pete Rose at last night's Oscar telecast, it occurred to me that they should sign him to a lifetime contract to host the show. He, like Johnny Carson and the late Bob Hope before him, has the perfect temperament for the job.

So, I laughed and applauded when Crystal dropped the hammer on Rose for betting on baseball and now I'm going to discuss betting on baseball. Hypocritical? Well, not really. I am not a major league manager and I am not actually going to suggest that anybody bets on baseball. I would just like to discuss some of the over/under betting lines set this year because -- like the propositions we discussed last week -- they're fun to look at in a purely academic way.

As a source, I looked at a particular off-shore internet betting site. Odds and lines might vary from site-to-site, but probably not by too much. Today we'll talk about the lines that carry the most extreme odds. In over/under betting, the odds are represented by the amount of the payoff. In order, these are the bets that will pay the least in 2004:

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