Atlanta lacking offensive punch

Ken Griffey Jr. would be happy to come to Atlanta because it would give him a chance to play for a winner.

Updated: March 2, 2004, 10:45 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
Why did fantasy baseball catch on the way it did? One of the main reasons is that, more than anything, fans love to propose trades and deals. Before fantasy came along and allowed people the opportunity to actually do it -- albeit in an alternate universe -- a lot of idle baseball chatter and radio phone-ins focused on the proposing of trades. These were usually outlandish swaps that would send three All-Stars to the home team in exchange for a 30-year old Triple A backup catcher. Even with the outlet of fantasy and the incredible restrictions placed on teams by the no-trade clauses, swap talk is still extremely popular.

Chipper Jones
Chipper Jones' move to the outfield has hurt his career.
Baseball columnists are also fans of proposing trades. It's always a good topic to riff on, it fills space nicely and, if it makes a lot of sense, maybe -- just maybe -- the team will take the suggestion to heart and do something about it.

In today's Atlanta Journal Constitution, Terence Moore makes a couple of suggestions for the Braves that are certainly worth repeating and expanding on.

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