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Updated: March 3, 2004, 11:04 AM ET
NBA Insider
Ray Allen
Seattle SuperSonics: Ray Allen isn't quite ready to kiss and make up with Bruce Bowen. "I was at a point where I wanted to fight him," Allen said in the Seattle Times. "I wasn't thinking about playing basketball. I wanted to fight him." In fact, Allen isn't going to be so passive next time, starting with a shot at Bowen's defensive prowess. "Yeah, it's all in the past, but if the same stuff starts happening, then now it's in the present," he said. "I know I'll try and protect myself . . . It's tough when you have Tim sitting inside and Bruce is playing you aggressively," Allen said. "If you beat him, you got Tim there, so his defense is looking pretty good. Without Tim there, it changes. Everything changes."

New York Knicks: Imagine Isiah Thomas' reaction if the Knicks had won their last six games rather than losing them. "I'm extremely pleased with where we are as a team," Thomas said in the New York Post. "Two months ago, it was a tough situation for them and they would have been happy to be sitting in March with the eighth spot [in the playoffs], and we're in the sixth spot." But, then again, he's not too happy. "I didn't expect us to go out West and win," said Thomas. "I thought it was going to be a tough road trip. A lot of teams from the East go out West and struggle. We're no different . . . I don't think [expectations] are ever too high when you want to win. We might, but I don't think we'll win the NBA Finals. I hope they do. Considering what they had to go through with not having [Allan] Houston, I wouldn't trade what they've done for anything now."

Detroit Pistons: Vacation is over for Tayshaun Prince. "I am going to start treating Tayshaun like a young guy instead of him thinking he's a vet," head coach Larry Brown said in the Detroit News. "He's going to start coming over on the first bus and be treated like a rookie now . . . I am going to make it like I used to with all my teams. The young kids come over early and work hard, whether they are starting or not. I think we've taken for granted that he's played a lot and I don't want to do that. We can't have him just being out there." Brown was upset Prince wasn't being as aggressive on offense nor as strong on defense.