Peep Show

Updated: March 4, 2004, 10:19 AM ET
By Jim Baker

American League
Baltimore Orioles: Second baseman Jerry Hairston went for his pre-camp physical last week and there was enough cause for concern that he was sent to get an EKG. Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post reports that he is being held out of intrasquad games but has been working out with the team. Fellow second baseman Brian Roberts revealed that there is some concern about his heart.

Boston Red Sox: With steroids the talk of baseball, it stands to reason that somebody is going to ask the most ripped man in the game about the topic. Gabe Kapler has long insisted that he never touched the juice. He even offered to be tested on national television several years ago. Jeff Horrigan of the Boston Herald also reports that Johnny Damon has long felt the stinging glances of accusation. Showing up with an extra 15 pounds this spring didn't help those perceptions any either. Both players insist they have come by their physiques with endless hours of training.
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