Deng, Iguodala top prospects in Atlanta region

While college basketball still provides the NBA with almost all its guard power, finding a good big man in college can be virtually impossible.

When sifting through the East Rutherford, N.J., region for NBA prospects Monday, four of the top six players we focused on were guards. Only one of the six, sleeper Chris Taft, was a power forward or center.

Today, the trend continues. Heading south, five of the top six prospects in the Atlanta region are either point guards or shooting guards. It will continue. NBA-caliber, home-grown big men in the tournament are virtually no-existent. By Thursday, just seven of the 24 players we will have looked at will be power forwards or centers. Of those seven, just three were born in the U.S.

ESPN Insider talked to multiple NBA scouts and GMs to give you a look at the Top 5 NBA prospects they'll be watching in each NCAA region. Today, we look at the Atlanta bracket. Wednesday, we'll tackle St. Louis.

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