Can the Sixers really trade Iverson?

Trade Allen Iverson? Easier said than done.

There's a history to the Sixers love-hate relationship with Iverson. His recent bout with coach Chris Ford has raised speculation yet again that Iverson's days in Philly are numbered. Will the Sixers finally trade Iverson this summer?

If they do, it won't be the first time the team has tried to trade him. If they don't, it won't be the last. In the past, every time the Sixers have flirted with moving Iverson, history has intervened.

History tells us you never trade a superstar (Philly fans are still reeling from the trade that shipped Charles Barkley out of town). History also says it's almost impossible to get equal value in return when dumping a star. History scares the hell of GMs who know that a fan revolt is the last thing a struggling team needs.

History has bought Allen Iverson more time than he deserves. Has Iverson finally ran out of time?