Cleveland would welcome back Northcutt

Because his agent failed to file for free agency, Dennis Northcutt is still a member of the Cleveland Browns.

Originally Published: March 19, 2004
By By Darrell Trimble | NFL Insider
Two wide receivers made headlines this offseason for missing deadlines to file for free agency, but so far only one of the situations has been resolved.

Terrell Owens was pleased to find out Tuesday that he'd been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. The deal was made after the NFL Management Council realized they were going to lose the case regarding Owens' status as a free agent. However, Dennis Northcutt was not as lucky. Because his agent, Jerome Stanley, failed to file for free agency, he's still a member of the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns had been advised not to speak with Northcutt until the Owens grievance was settled. But now they are free to re-work his deal or trade him to another team.