Spring is for hope -- not cold reality

This is the time of year when all things are possible, and everyone has a chance to contend.

Updated: March 24, 2004, 12:00 PM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
Let's face it: your life is no picnic. You've got pressures and responsibilities, debts, debts to society (for those of you currently incarcerated) and all kinds of outside forces conspiring to undo your pursuit of happiness. The last thing in the world you need is some writer telling you that your favorite baseball team has no chance to win the World Championship -- especially when the team is still going through its paces in Florida or Arizona.

No, what you need now -- more than ever in this hectic, workaday world -- is a ray of optimistic sunshine, one so bright it nearly fries your corneas. Given that, I bring you day two of my First Annual Happy Time Spring Predictions. Yesterday, I covered the National League and today I invite fans of American League teams to pick out their favorite entry below and wallow in the heavy muck of boundless hope.

American League West
Anaheim Angels: It's over. It -- and by "it" I mean the World Championship -- was decided the day Vladimir Guerrero joined Bartolo Colon as new Angels. This is all that has to happen (and it isn't much to ask): the best bullpen of 2003 just repeats what it did last year and everybody else who was on the team in 2002 just needs to get back to doing what they did then (and given the up and down nature of performance, it stands to reason they will). The new guys like Vlad, Bart, Jose Guillen and Kelvim Escobar will do the rest. And don't forget: Garret Anderson is a better player than he was two years ago. Relax Angels fans: the endless, tiresome, frustrating one-year wait is over!

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