Who are Scouts, Inc.?

Scouts in the NFL attend games and workouts, watch players on film and write reports on what they observe. It is in this manner that NFL teams determine which players to draft, sign as free agents or acquire in trades. The scouting process is the epicenter of NFL roster management, and Scouts, Inc., is the next best thing to the 32 existing NFL personnel departments.

Scouts, Inc., breaks down film of every NFL game, college games and individual footage of college prospects, and our experts attend NFL training camps and both NFL and college games in person. They do everything their NFL counterparts do, but instead of internalizing this information, they write it exclusively for ESPN. Scouts, Inc., is dedicated to serving the hard-core football fan with thoughtful, in-depth analysis of NFL and college players, coaches and teams.

ESPN.com Insider uses Scouts, Inc. information to provide you with the most in-depth football coverage available on the web, while ESPN Productions uses the information to prepare for all the football shows you see on ESPN, including, NFL Primetime, Sunday Countdown, Monday Countdown, NFL Live and Sunday Night Football.

Scouts, Inc. takes fantasy football information a step further for the fan and provides the most football-oriented fantasy information available. Fantasy football is about the individual player's performance, and no one looks at game film to determine how your fantasy player will do each week the way Scouts, Inc., does.

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