Several fantastic draft tips

With big money at stake, it is imperative to prepare your own body and mind for a fantasy baseball draft.

Updated: March 25, 2004, 8:38 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
If you're a fantasy baseball player, chances are your draft is coming up on Saturday. That means you've been doing your homework (or "workwork" since you are probably copping time at work to formulate your picks) and getting ready for the big day.

Sure, you've got charts and Excel spreadsheets and you're borrowing your sister's laptop for the occasion so you can sit there and look like you know what the hell is what, but are you really ready for the big day? I mean, are you emotionally, spiritually and physically prepared to take on the challenge?

Everyone wants to tell you what bodies to draft but has anyone told you how to prepare your own body and mind for the occasion? No, they haven't and that's where I come in. What follows are some handy tips for staying on top of your game through the grueling process of selecting the group of men who will bring you joy and sorrow for the next six months. They spend six weeks in Florida and Arizona getting ready to produce the numbers that drive your fantasy league. The least you could do is spend a few minutes reading my handy guide to staying sharp for the duration of their drafting.

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