New York media in midseason form

According to what the headlines in New York have to say, one would think the season is already over for the Yanks.

Updated: March 31, 2004, 10:29 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
As I write this, the Yankees are dismantling the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in their second and final game in Japan. While following today's game, I am also glancing at the New York papers regarding yesterday's 8-3 loss to the Rays. According to what the headlines have to say, one would think the season is already over for the Yanks.

Here is a sampling:
$190M production flops
No instant classic
Boss won't hit Ja-panic button
Bombers open to grave reviews
Win one or their sushi is cooked
'It was hard to watch'

With the largest payroll in baseball there was probably some expectation that the Yankees would go undefeated or, at the very least, have the decency to wait until May to lose their first game. This is baseball, though, and everybody beats everybody eventually -- provided they have enough games scheduled between them. In fact, the Devil Rays have now beaten the Yankees seven years in a row! It's true. You could look it up. For the seventh consecutive year, the Rays have had the temerity to best the Yankees at least one time. Here is how the Yankees have fared against Tampa Bay since their birth:

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