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Updated: March 31, 2004, 12:25 PM ET
By By Darrell Trimble | ESPN Insider
Denver Broncos: Coach Mike Shanahan confirmed Tuesday that CB Deltha O'Neal and backup QB Jarious Jackson will be released. The Broncos wanted O'Neal to switch to receiver and Jackson to switch to safety, but neither player was amenable to such a move. "I think he'd rather go to the Canadian (Football) League and play quarterback there than play safety in the NFL," Shanahan told the Rocky Mountain News, referring to Jackson. "I think Deltha could be a Pro Bowl wide receiver," Shanahan said. "The guy's got a lot of ability. He can do anything he wants to. All he's got to do is put his mind to it. Maybe being in a different location will help him out."

Indianapolis Colts: Fans of the Colts are likely familiar with a pre-kickoff motivational routine used by the team that incorporates rhythmic swaying. But you won't see that in 2004, as the NFL's competition committee decided such an act would draw a 15-yard penalty for taunting. Mike Pereira, the league's director of officiating, showed a video to the media Tuesday featuring rules-related "points of emphasis" and unsportsmanlike/taunting actions that will draw a flag and be subject to a fine in 2004. "It was fun while it lasted," owner Jim Irsay told the Indianapolis Star. The ritual lasted for only a year, as RB Ricky Williams initiated the activity last season.

Dallas Cowboys: QB Vinny Testaverde will be released after June 1, but he won't be on the unemployment line long. The New York Daily News reports Testaverde is on the verge of heading to Dallas for a reunion with coach Bill Parcells and WR Keyshawn Johnson. Testaverde enjoyed his greatest success in 1998, the one full season he played for Parcells. He threw 29 touchdown passes and just seven interceptions, leading the Jets to the AFC title game. Johnson was his primary target.