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Updated: April 15, 2004, 11:46 AM ET
By Jim Baker

American League

Anaheim Angels: Anaheim fans have shown themselves to be generous in their affections for the men who got them all the way to the top in 2002 -- even those who have left the fold. Scott Spiezio returned in the road grays of the Seattle Mariners this week and was met with thunderous applause. Spiezio left the Angels via free agency this past offseason and is nursing a sore back. He was stunned by the ovation he got upon being introduced. He told Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times: "I started running out, and they were cheering pretty loud. I'm going, 'Oh my God, this is cool.' I was standing in line and I was kind of waiting for them to call the next guy, and they just kept cheering. I just couldn't believe it. It seemed like it lasted forever." In other Angels news, Troy Glaus has sat out the last three games with tightness in his left hamstring but Bolch reports he could return tonight. Vladimir Guerrero has been complaining of a sore knee so he has been lining up at DH while Tim Salmon is only too happy to take over him in rightfield.

Baltimore Orioles: Have the early victories gone to the heads of the Tigers a bit? Jason Johnson, flush with early success, sounded off against his ex-team yesterday, calling into question the professionalism of the Orioles. When asked about how he felt when the O's didn't show interest in keeping him, he told the Baltimore Sun, "I was surprised. They didn't even give me a chance. They didn't even call my agent. They just assumed that I was going to ask for too much money in arbitration."

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