Who's in, who's out of the draft?

Originally Published: April 23, 2004
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
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    All has been pretty quiet on the draft front this week. Once the Jordan Capital Classic (the last of the high school all-star events) ended on Monday, many GMs dusted off their passports and headed overseas for the next few weeks.

    Insider will be picking up their trail starting next week when we head to Tel Aviv, Israel, to continue our in-depth reporting about the influx of international players in the draft.

    Until then, we still have a few unresolved issues to wrap up. Underclassmen have until May 10 to declare for the draft. So far, 21 players have done so, and another 18 either have one foot in the door or are still sitting on the proverbial draft fence.

    Here's a look at where those 18 stand.

    Chad Ford

    ESPN Senior Writer