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Updated: April 23, 2004, 8:39 AM ET
NBA Insider
Indiana Pacers: The Pacers are being fitted for shoulder pads as we speak. "Whatever they want to do, you know?" Fred Jones said in the Indianapolis Star after the Celtics said they'd play a more physical game. "I love football. We love intensity. We foul each other harder in practice than anybody else is going to foul us. We'll take anything. That's why we're in the weight room." And he isn't the only one. "Just tell them we're ready," Al Harrington said. "Whatever they want to do, let's do it. We don't care. They want to foul hard; let's just play basketball."

Toni Kukoc
Milwaukee Bucks: When Toni Kukoc talks, young Bucks listen. "Toni is more of a quiet leader in a way where he always steps in and says something when it's the right time," said Damon Jones in the Journal Sentinel. "You usually see guys who have accomplished what he has accomplished always talking and, you know, it gets kind of aggravating because you don't want to hear a guy talking all the time. He does it at the right time . . . He's well-respected. His advice never falls on deaf ears." Head coach Terry Porter put it in perspective. "He's got three rings," said Bucks coach Terry Porter. "He's proven. He's done it."

Los Angeles Lakers: Another day, another Laker episode. "He's doing all right. We'll talk," said Karl Malone of disgruntled teammate Gary Payton in the Los Angeles Times. "But he's doing all right. It's tough. He didn't play in the fourth quarter or whatever, but Fish was playing really well. I know it's tough because you really want to be out there. But the thing about this team is, all the things we've been through all year, we're going to handle this and everything else as well." Phil Jackson has heard it all before. "I think it's hard for players to understand, especially for Gary, a premier player on the team, where they want every minute they can play on the court. We want him to play as many good minutes he can play on the court, but it's a lot different than having to have him run the team or to make the team operate, which is what he had up in Seattle. But we're comfortable with the fact that he's going to be competitive and come out there and play hard."