Chargers, Raiders still hold keys to the draft

Updated: June 1, 2004, 3:43 PM ET
By Scouts, Inc. | Scouts, Inc.
Editor's Note: Draft-day dawns and, as expected, there is some movement in our projected first round. Word leaked overnight on a handful of developments that have brought the top 10 into focus.

* = underclassman

First Round

1. San Diego Chargers

Eli Manning
Eli Manning | QB | Ole Miss
Things have obviously fallen apart at the top of the draft as a result of the feud between the Chargers and the Mannings. While there is still a chance that the Chargers and Giants get a deal done to swap picks, those odds are starting to worsen with every passing minute. If they get a deal done it will be for less than they originally wanted, but at least they can get some extra picks and move down to the fourth spot, where they would take N.C. State QB Philip Rivers. As it stands right now, there is a much better chance the Chargers will draft Manning and either make a deal to trade him to the Giants or simply live with the consequences and see if they can mend the broken fences between the organization and the Manning family.