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Updated: April 30, 2004, 12:28 PM ET
NBA Insider
Kevin Garnett
Minnesota Timberwolves: There is something in the air between the Timberwolves and Nuggets. "There's no question," head coach Flip Saunders said in the Star Tribune. "Referees read the papers more than the players or anybody else. I'd imagine we'll get a veteran crew in here. When you have someone come out and say there's going to be punches thrown, to me, that really is a slap against our league. That shows no respect for the game and for the league." And Kevin Garnett can smell it. "Oh yeah. This is the opportunity we've been waiting for," Garnett said. "Now we have to take advantage of it. We have it in our mind already. After [Game 4], after the coaches left, we kind of huddled with each other. And we know. We know. Everybody smells the same thing."

Boston Celtics: It doesn't really matter to free-agent center Mark Blount that there is a doctor in the house. "In hiring Doc Rivers, at least they hired a good coach," said Blount in the Boston Globe. "But I'd first like to see what players they recruit from other teams and bring in through free agency. I'm still going to keep my options open and test free agency. That's what [my agent] Mark Bartelstein and I are talking about." But that doesn't go for all the Celtics. "It's a step in the direction we're going," said Raef LaFrentz. "For stability and for Danny's sanity, I think it was a great hire and to get it done this quickly frees Danny to channel his energies elsewhere. I don't know a lot about [Doc]. I just met him before I stepped in here. So, I look forward to talking with him over the next couple months. He's a proven coach. He's been coach of the year in this league and I just look forward to understanding some of his ideas."

Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers are desperately seeking Shaquille O'Neal. "Shaq has kind of been laying in the weeds," Kobe Bryant said in the Los Angeles Times. "In this series, he's been comfortable being a facilitator, being a passer. [Wednesday], he gave me an assist and didn't even pass me the ball. We ran a [play] and he set a monster pick. He's just been comfortable doing the little things for us to make us successful and help us win." And Phil Jackson doesn't see a problem. "It's just getting your mind right, getting your mind wrapped around the idea of what this is," Jackson said. "This isn't about us as individuals as much as it is about the team. That's what happens to teams that want to win in the playoffs. They make that adjustment."