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Updated: June 1, 2004, 4:11 PM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
Walk in the park
Barry Bonds
Teams continue to avoid pitching to Barry Bonds.
Barry Bonds is on pace to draw 134 walks this year. Does that figure seem a little low? It should, because that's just intentional walks. Without even counting conventional walks, Bonds will draw enough passes to have led the league in 75 percent of the seasons since the National League switched to the 162-game schedule. 134 walks would have led the N.L. in every season from 1962 to 1986 save for two: 1969 and 1970. To put in better historical perspective, in the entire history of the game, only 46 players have drawn more total walks than the intentional number Bonds is on pace for this year. Without the intentionals, Bonds would still be on pace for 116 conventional walks in 2004.

You probably don't need another metric to show just how isolated Bonds is on the Giants this year, but what the heck, here's another. There are 95 National League players who have played enough to qualify for the batting title (a standard measurement of playing time -- 3.1 plate appearances per game). Six Giants are among that 95. Here is where they rank in the all-important Runs Created per 27 outs category:

1. Barry Bonds, 20.50
20. Marquis Grissom, 8.20
70. Michael Tucker, 4.26
78. J.T. Snow, 3.61
81. Edgardo Alfonzo, 3.53
94. Neifi Perez, 1.96

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