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Updated: June 1, 2004, 4:05 PM ET
By Jim Baker

American League

Anaheim Angels: Finally, a diagnosis. Centerfielder Garret Anderson has missed over 60 percent of the season so far and nobody could quite figure out why. The diagnosis is undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis, a condition with serious consequences if not caught early, reports Ross Newhan of the Los Angeles Times. Anderson, who has never been on the disabled list before, will begin taking medication immediately and will commence light rehab work in about a week. Given the uncertainty of his situation and the rash of injuries to other Angels players, this counts as very good news. "We have something tangible to address now," manager Mike Scioscia told Newhan, "and that's given Garret and all of us a little relief and peace of mind."

Boston Red Sox: Two series in a row on artificial turf are not what the doctor ordered for Manny Ramirez's tender groin situation. Because of that, he has been slotted into the DH spot the past couple games in Toronto and Tampa Bay. David Heuschkel of the Hartford Courant reports that he might return to leftfield when he gets back to the green, green grass of home this weekend. Meanwhile, the return of Nomar Garciaparra is not yet in sight. He could begin a minor league rehab assignment in about a week, but it won't be a hurried situation. "And then when we send him out, I don't think it's going to be very realistic he's going to play nine innings and come back [the next day]," manager Terry Francona told Heuschkel. "Maybe play four or five, sit a day. It's not going to be quite as quick as I think maybe we hope."

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