Connecticut conundrum

Here is a look at what three of our recruiting experts think about Connecticut's struggles off the court and how head coach Jim Calhoun's undetermined future will impact the Huskies on the recruiting trail this year.

July may provide look into UConn's future

Calhoun constructed one of the most successful college basketball programs of our lifetime. His Huskies won national titles and carved out a niche in New England that eventually permeated throughout the country. During the height of the program, UConn was a true national power on the court and as a recruiting brand. However, Father Time tells us all great runs -- and this was a great run -- will eventually end.

In the past few seasons, off-the-court issues and Calhoun's health have contributed to the problems this program faces going forward. UConn will be looking to rebrand itself, and this July evaluation period might lend some insight into the direction the Huskies are headed from a recruiting perspective and Calhoun's successor.