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HR 2: Decisions, Decisions

Do the Dodgers keep on riding with Cody? Should they start Julio in Game 4? These are the questions that Travis and Sliwa tried to answer. Plus, "Fact Or Cap" with questions on Holiday decorations and ghosts. Then, Funches almost choked to death at the Lakers vs Warriors regular season opener.

HR 1: One Of Those Moments

The Dodgers had another "one of those moments" yesterday as Cody Bellinger kept the Dodgers in the NLCS with 3-run HR with the Dodgers being down by 3 runs. Travis and Sliwa reacted to that and other things in the Dodgers' Game 3 win. Plus, did the umpires in Game 3 mess up another obvious run? And, a Wednesday edition of "Ask Sli" with questions on when to leave a ballgame and on "Lady Sli."

Hour 3: Cereal Wars

The guys debate what the best cereal is. The Bucks knocked off the Nets in game 1 of the season. What is the ceiling for both teams? Plus, 3x Super Bowl Champion Je'Rod Cherry joins the show to discuss the injury to Baker Mayfield's shoulder, and cereal. Also, Doris Burke & Tim Legler discuss if the Lakers have concerns already.

Hour 1: Good Day in LA?

The Dodgers beat the Braves yesterday, but the Lakers lost to the Warriors. How does Key feel about how things went for his LA teams? Ben Simmons was suspended by the Sixers after being thrown out of practice. How will things play out in Philly? Plus, a former Bears player says he wants to punch Aaron Rodgers in the face following his "I own you" comments.

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Bellinger 3-run blast reignites champion Dodgers

Facing a potential 3-0 series deficit in the NLCS, the World Series-champion Dodgers received the boost they needed in the eighth inning Tuesday, when Cody Bellinger's three-run homer tied the score in a Game 3 that Los Angeles would go on to win.

LeBron and AD combine for 67 points in season opener vs. Warriors (1:43)
Edmonton staves off Anaheim with three goals in the third period (2:58)