Donahue must concentrate on 2012 class 

April, 8, 2010
Steve Donahue is the new the men's basketball coach at Boston College and that presents a new set of challenges on the recruiting front.

A couple of weeks ago, we examined the recruiting priorities for Steve Lavin, the new head coach at St. John's, and while Boston is far from New York, Donahue's challenge isn't all that different from Lavin's in that his ability to connect with local coaches will go a long way toward determining his success. Former B.C. head coach Al Skinner didn't get fired because of wins and losses, instead athletic director Gene DeFilippo cited "philosophical differences." Tops among those was undoubtedly falling attendance rates which DeFilippo attributed to the Skinner's slow tempo of play.

Donahue's first charge as the new coach at Boston College is to reconnect with the fan base and re-engage local high school, prep school, and AAU coaches.