Video helps the basketball star 

December, 1, 2010

This season, Insider will feature the writing of six current NCAA basketball players, contributing their thoughts on issues facing their conferences. Kansas State guard Jacob Pullen continues the series with an explanation of how his team uses film study to gain an edge.

I'm not sure that people know how much film studying we do in basketball, they think of it more as a football thing. It's huge in basketball but I think for our team in particular. We watch tape of ourselves -- our sets, what we're doing wrong, what's working, how we're being defended -- pretty much every day before or after practice. That might run anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on our last game and when our next one is. Then we also get personnel DVDs, too. Assistants will give us footage that's already cut to show you who you're going to be defending in the next game and what their tendencies are. Sometimes that's a specific player and sometimes it's the team, just to show you what they like to do against certain offenses or how they might react to what we want to do or what's been an effective way to guard them.