Early-season Pac-10 surprises 

December, 8, 2010

This season, Insider will feature the writing of six current NCAA basketball players, contributing their thoughts on issues facing their conferences. In this installment, Washington's Isaiah Thomas offers his thoughts on how his Pac-10 brethren have performed this year.

On USC's win over Texas

It surprised me, I guess, how the Trojans play. It looks like they're uptempo and they just have two big, huge centers in the middle that are good players -- Alex Stepheson and Nikola Vucevic. They look like a different team. Usually the USC teams don't really run too much. They like to slow it down in a halfcourt offense. But they looked good. They were running, shooting the ball well and getting after it.

What caught me by surprise was how well their athletes matched up against Texas'. I didn't think USC would match up as well but they did. They have some wings that I'd never heard of but that are athletic -- they get dunks, blocks and do quite a bit of everything, kind of like our team. Like I said, they surprised me. They're a good team and now they're on the radar a little bit. People are going to be watching out for them because they beat a Top 25 team.