You'll hear from Pac-10 come tourney time 

January, 5, 2011

We started off the New Year on a really good foot, beating USC and UCLA. It was important because USC is really good at what they do. They're disciplined. They want you to play their type of game, which is half-court offense. They don't want you to get transition baskets. The game is kinda slow, and that's the opposite of how we play. A lot of people didn't think that we could play that way, and we showed people we could. USC's just a great team, and it's a tough matchup off the bat. Their defense was basically to stop me and let anybody else score. Our freshman, Terrence Ross, picked it up and had 18 points, his career high. Matthew Bryan-Amaning had 18, too. We got down 16-4 at the beginning of the game and just willed ourselves to the win in overtime.