Isaiah Thomas raises the roof 

February, 2, 2011

This season, Insider will feature the writing of six current NCAA basketball players, contributing their thoughts on issues facing their conferences. In this installment, Washington's Isaiah Thomas explains why he's raising the roof again, how he became online buddies with Kevin Durant, and why he's excited to play in Oregon's new arena.

My brother Alonzo Weatherby and I, we kind of brought the salute back last year when I made big plays and then everybody started doing it. I needed to think of something new this season, something that people haven't done in a while that we can bring back. He and I decided to raise the roof. It's crazy because everybody's doing it now. It was before the Oregon game, I tweeted something like, "and tonight I'll be bringing back raising the roof." (hashtag: #RTR) And that night I got my first career dunk. It was like the perfect situation. I got my first career dunk in college and then I just raised the roof. Now we have a movement going. Players like Nolan Smith at Duke, Malcolm Thomas at San Diego State have been doing it. I'm just trying to get it where players do it. It's nationwide. We've got some players on the East and West Coasts doing it.