Chandler Parsons is healthy and thriving 

March, 2, 2011

This season, Insider will feature the writing of six current NCAA basketball players, contributing their thoughts on issues facing their conferences. In this installment, Florida's Chandler Parsons discusses how he overcame his recent injury woes.

My teammates are going after me. I'm starting to think they did it on purpose. But no, really, at first it was Vernon [Macklin] at Georgia with the towel and then Alex [Tyus]. You see that all the time, the bench gets hyped and we're throwing towels around and his hit me where it wasn't supposed to. [Parsons hit a 3-pointer in the second half of the Gators' win over Georgia in January. On the bench, Macklin celebrated by snapping his towel, which inadvertently caught Parsons in a sensitive area.] And then with the knee, it was just me and Alex both going for the rebound [in a win over Tennessee] and he just happened to hit me.